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Guest Post and Contest: The Evolution of a Character by Elisa Lorello

Today, we are happy to welcome guest author Elisa Lorello on the last stop on her whirlwind blog tour. She is going to talk a little about the evolution of one of the characters from her books Faking It and Ordinary World. And, Elisa will be giving away a PDF copy of each book to one lucky reader. Check back after Elisa’s post for the entry rules.

From Devin to David: The Evolution of a Character

The idea for my novel Faking It was conceived back in 1999.

I had discovered this new television sensation called Sex and the City and didn’t know what to make of it. It was actor Chris Noth who had brought me there—I had become a fan of his when he starred as Detective Mike Logan on the original Law & Order—but the sexual boldness of these characters both intrigued and intimidated me. I had grown up in an environment where sex wasn’t discussed in private, much less in a public restaurant at lunchtime.

A what-if suddenly appeared: What if a woman never learned what she was supposed to learn about sex and dating? What if she met someone who would teach her what she needed to know? What if he was a male escort? The very last what-if was further inspired by my favorite movie, When Harry Met Sally: And what if they became friends?

Thus, my original vision of Devin the Escort was a slightly younger Mr. Big. Charismatic, well-groomed, affluent, and very, very charming. Ok, downright gorgeous. In 2000, I saw Chris Noth perform in a Broadway play called “The Best Man”, and after the show, I met him in the lobby.

“You were wonderful,” I said, gushing. “Excellent performance.” He turned to me, made eye contact, and smiled.
That smile.

His smile was electric. Mesmerizing. For a split second, I was the only woman in that theater lobby. The only woman he saw. The only woman he wanted to see.

I then knew that Devin’s power would be in his smile. His smile and his eyes.

It took another four years before I finally wrote the first draft, and another four years after that before I published Faking It, but by the time I did Devin was more than a handsome schmoozer. He was a man who had a tumultuous relationship with his father. He was an art enthusiast who never realized his dream. As intimate as he was with his clients, there was one thing he never gave away: his heart. And for all Devin has to teach Andi, He also realized that he has a lot to learn.

So how did Devin become David? And does he end up with Andi?

Well, I don’t want to tell. Read Faking It first. Then read Ordinary World to find out.

What I will say is that I love the depth and complexity of the characters in Ordinary World. They have shed their skins, re-invented themselves. They are even more vulnerable, more fragile, more loving. They have grown by leaps and bounds. Despite the fact that Andi is the narrator of both books, I think in some ways Devin is the real star. I remember reading an excerpt from an early draft to my college writing class, and one of the female students blurted out as soon as I’d finished reading, “Oh yeah. I’m in love with him.”

“Me too,” I said. Still am.

Faking It and Ordinary World are available in print and e-book at and in e-book at Amazon Kindle Store.

Elisa Lorello was born and raised on Long Island, New York. In 1995, she moved to southeastern Massachusetts, where she attended University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth for both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Her career in rhetoric and composition studies began in 2000, and since then she has been teaching first-year writing at the university level. Currently, Elisa lives and teaches in North Carolina and is co-writing her third novel. She is happily single.

To learn more about Elisa and her other writing projects, please visit her blog “I’ll Have What She’s Having”: The Official Blog of Elisa Lorello at, or her official webpage at

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