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Ari Thatcher

Sub-genre(s): Erotic romance, and soon, paranormal erotic romance

Books published and dates: Honey, June 2009; Celtic Rhythm in Ellora’s Cavemen: Flavors of Ecstasy II, June 2009; Death by Sex, August 2009

Ari Thatcher has loved the romantic side of fiction for more years than she liked to count. Steamy historicals were a favorite from early on, and when the genre got so hot it had to branch out, she dove into erotic romance with a passion. Her current books are quirky contemporary erotic romance, but she is finally sitting down with the occasional ghost or shifter who wants his story told. She hopes her readers get as much … satisfaction from her books as she does!

Anais Snow

Sub-genre(s): Paranormal, quirky

Books published and dates: None—yet!anais venice

I am a huge fan of romantic novels and women’s writing more generally. I also find my literary inspiration from a wide variety of others writers including Haruki Murakami, Kim Wilkins, Charlotte Brontë, Margaret Atwood, Mark Z. Danielewski, Charlaine Harris and Anne Rice. Given the diversity in my reading tastes, it should come as no surprise to you to learn that I am a PhD candidate in literature! While Mining Desire is my first novel to date, I am an experienced writer of magazine features and arts reviews under my non-nom de plume. To date, I have been published by Women’s News Magazine, Whatabout Belfast, Brazen, Bint Magazine, the Irish Journal of Gothic and Horror Studies and Belfast cultural and political magazine, Fortnight. I was also short listed in the Brian Moore Irish short story competition a few years ago.

Erica Hayes

Sub-genre(s): urban fantasy

Books published and dates: SHADOWFAE, 13 October 2009; SHADOWGLASS, 2 March 2010 from St Martin’s Press

Erica Hayes has been a law student, an air force officer, an editorial assistant and a musician. She lives in Australia, where she is writing the next book in the Shadowfae Chronicles. Find out more at http://www.ericahayes.net and http://faerylite.livejournal.com.

Glenys O’Connell

Sub-genre(s): Romantic suspense, comedy

Books published and dates: Judgement by Fire (March 2009, Red Rose Publishing), Resort to Murder (October 2009, Wild Rose Press), Winters & Somers (December 2009, Red Rose Publishing), Marrying Money (due out March 2010)

Glenys O’Connell became interested in crime & criminal psychology when covering the crime beat as a journalist for a large daily newspaper. This led to a degree in psychology and qualifications as a counselor–but writing is her first love, and she says romantic suspense satisfies her cravings for both romance and crime!

Glenys is also published as a children’s author, and has written two non-fiction books, one on Irish culture and another on coping with depression. She has had two one-act plays produced, and she teaches a creative writing course called Naked Writing on Absolutewrite.com

Born in the UK, Glenys has lived and worked in Ireland and Canada–all countries which provide excellent settings for novels. She’s currently living in very rural Ontario, Canada, where she can watch bears, deer, and raccoons at play, and she is planning a new novel set in Italy!

Her website is a perpetual-work-in-progress at www.glenysoconnell.com, and she’s always happy to chat with readers and writers on twitter at http://www.twitter.com/glenysoconnell.

Jennifer C. Rodland

Jennifer-RolandSub-genre(s): Paranormal, urban fantasy, contemporary

Books published and dates: None, yet…

Jennifer is a journalist who finally decided to capture the stories running through her head instead of ignoring them on her search for true objectivity. She navigates daily among her non-fiction work, her day job, and her fiction.

Michelle Holman

Sub-genre(s): Contemporary, humour.

Books published and dates: Bonkers, December 2007, Divine, November 2008, Knotted, 1 October 2009

I’m a lapsed nurse living in New Zealand who now manages community youth health projects but I’ve also worked as a chalet maid (read that as cleaner) at a holiday camp in the UK, a kibbutz volunteer and a transplant co-ordinator at the Coroner’s Office.

I’m married with two children. The moments I cherish most are when men stop me in the supermarket to complain that their wives didn’t cook dinner because they were reading one of my books. Find out more about me on my website.

Tamara Morgan
Sub-genre(s): Historical (Regency)title

Books published and dates: None, yet…

Tamara is a freelance writer by day, romance writer by night, and mother to a preschooler in all the spaces in between. She writes Regency historicals with a focus on lighthearted humor and strong, self-reliant heroines.


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