Here be dragons

I’ve been working on something new.

No, really. Something new. After writing 4 manuscripts in a row in my Shadowfae Chronicles series, I’m working on something different for a few weeks.

Four manuscripts. That’s 2 years of work, folks. I sold that first one back in 2008, and since then I’ve written nothing but Shadowfae books. Now, I’m having a go at a romantic space opera. Let’s call it Carrie’s book.

So what’s it like, branching out? Well, it’s scary. It’s different. I mean, Carrie’s book is in a totally different style. She’s another first person heroine, but Shadowfae heroines live in a dark, magical, sensually charged world, and their books are full of sounds and smells and sensations. It’s laid on pretty thick, if I may say so myself, but of course in a good way…

Carrie’s world is made of metal and lasers, neural computers and spaceships, guns and money. She’s a hot-blooded woman, sure, but she’s a secret agent. She notices different things to a frightened fairy or a kick-ass banshee or a world-weary succubus. Her point of view is skewed to the right, if you like, where Shadowfae is hanging off the port bow by its claws.

Carrie’s book is more of an action story than a romance. Sure, there’s a romance in it — of course! — but it’s not to the forefront as much. And there’s no second character PoV, so everything’s focused on her. I’ve never written a whole book in one PoV before.

It’s liberating, and fun. But it’s also scary. I don’t have a contract for Carrie. I don’t even know if she’s saleable. But hell, is she fun. I’ll be back to Shadowfae. I’ve got another one cooking already, just in case. But I really hope people like Carrie.

I’m also hoping to get her finished before I head off to Orlando at the end of next week for the Romance Writers of America conference. It’s a long shot, but I’ll give it a go.

Better get back to it, then…

So have you ever tried a totally new genre? Or do you stick to what you know?

2 Responses to “Here be dragons”

  1. 13 July, 2010 at 1:33 am

    I like branching out on occasion. …and by occasion, I mean rarely. 😀 I have a couple historicals to my name and I’ve worked on a paranormal, too. it stretches my brain. 🙂 Will Carrie’s book be first person, more urban fantasyish?
    Good luck!

  2. 13 July, 2010 at 3:31 am

    Historicals are too hard for me 🙂 too much research. And too many people who’ll know if I’m wrong!

    Yeah, Carrie is kind of your urban fantasy heroine in space. She’s fun to write about. And it’s fun to have rayguns and spaceships to invent for a change, instead of magic and fairies and things like that.

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