Writing Environments

I envy authors who can write anywhere. I truly do.  Me? I’m kind of picky about where I write, and when I’m in the perfect environment, the words flow. When I’m not, we’re talking about serious writer’s block.

My perfect environment is free of distractions so I can focus on my character’s voices. That means no TV, no dog, no crying baby, etc. Ironically enough, I do ok with “white noise” and music at a low volume. I didn’t realize how much environment impacted my writing until I moved last year. My old house had a downstairs bedroom that I used as my office, and I loved it. It was the perfect place to retreat, plug in my Zune, and type away. Now, I’m crammed into small two bedroom apartment with my husband, my dog, and my baby, so writing at home has become near impossible. Thank goodness for a local cafe. On my days off from work, you can usually find me there with my netbook, trying to reach my word count goal for the day.

What is your ideal writing environment? What do you absolutely need in order to write?


3 Responses to “Writing Environments”

  1. 7 April, 2010 at 8:45 pm

    Good post, Crista – funny how much we vary in the ‘ideal’ writing space! I love quiet, can’t understand people who write to music turned up full volume, and need to know there won’t be interruptions so that I can write…which is a total change from my days as a daily newspaper reporter when I could write on the bus, plane, in the courtroom, wherever! I’m lucky enough to have a room of my own to work in, and I keep the door open so I can hear what’s going on in the rest of the house. But some days, just one interruption and my Muse gets up and leaves 😦 So, does anyone know how to handle the friends and acquaintances who just ‘drop by’ for a visit because after all, you’re just at home writing? I mean, how do you handle them and keep them as friends, lol!

  2. 2 Tamara Morgan
    10 April, 2010 at 6:53 pm

    I’m like a Pavlovian dog – I just need the right triggers and I’m fine. My netbook, my headphones, and a cup of coffee are all I need. I can write anywhere and anytime as long as I have them.

    (It also helps if I’m somewhere there isn’t any Internet. Twitter is my downfall.)

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