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First, let me welcome you to this fun new blog. We are a group of romance writers who want to connect with you. We’ll let you know a little about us, and we want to hear what you think of our writing, our posts, and the romance genre in general.

We pulled together a group of writers from around the world and who write in different sub-genres. We hope you enjoy our different perspectives and that you find some great new books to read.

I am pleased to be launching during banned book week. As romance writers, sex is a component of what we do, whether it is stated or implied. And sex is one of the big reasons people use as an excuse to ban books. I am proud to use sexuality and romance to illuminate the human condition and provide cerebral and physical enjoyment. And I am happy to be part of this group of writers who does the same.

We’re starting out with some introductions. You can find out about us on our bio page, but these posts will give you a little more insight into what makes us tick.

And we want to know what you want from us. Feel free to comment and email us to make requests. This your blog—we’re just here to post on it.

Now, a little about me.

Name: Jennifer C. Rodland
Genre: Paranormal, urban fantasy, contemporary
Agent’s name: I’m still looking
Books published: None yet

What is the one book you never tire of re-reading?

I always hate narrowing things down to one favorite thing, but I think Gone with the Wind is the book I’ve re-read the most. I’ve also seen the movie more times that is really necessary.

I spent much of my life dreaming of being Scarlett O’Hara. I wanted her figure, her vivacious charm, her wicked way with the men. As I got older, I realized that Scarlett was immature and selfish, but we can ignore those character flaws when the package is that fabulous, right?

When did you realize you needed to write? And what was the first story you completed that you were really proud of?

I was a bit of a lurker in the writing life until last year.

I was lucky enough to learn to read when I was three, and by the time I graduated from my montessori school at age 6, I had read every book the teacher had for the students and forced her to continually buy more just to keep up with my habit.

I dreamed of writing, but I spent a lot of my time telling myself I wasn’t good enough, wasn’t creative enough, and would never be any good at it.

A friend and colleague pushed me into writing for the magazine we both worked on, and that gave me some confidence. I focused on non-fiction and journalistic pieces because they seemed lower risk than fiction.

In 2007, though, I quit ignoring the stories in my head and began to capture them. Writing fiction is freeing in some ways and extremely challenging in others. I am using the skill I learned from non-fiction writing to help me tell these stories, but I am always learning and honing my skill.

Do you write things other than romantic fiction?

I am also a freelance writer, and I recently edited a collection of articles for the publisher I used to work for. And, like many writers out there, I also have a day job. I work at a credit union, writing all of the articles for the member newsletter, various partner newsletters, and press releases, as well as other projects my supervisor assigns me. Some days, it feels as if all I do is look at a computer screen.

When you aren’t writing, what sorts of activities do you engage in?

I’m a bit of a nerd at heart, so I like to play video games. I started back when we played text-based games in DOS and BASIC and later moved to console games. (My husband is a big console gamer, so we have 1 PS2, 1 Xbox, 2 PS3s, 2 Xbox 360s, 1 Wii, and 1 Nintendo 64.) My current gaming obsession is WOW. My husband and I play together.

Every now and then, I get my butt up off the desk chair and play with my dogs, a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog and a Bernese Mountain Dog. And next spring, my husband and I are going to start mountain biking again. We used to be quite good, and Oregon is like mountain biking heaven.

What is the worst job you ever held? Has it shown up in any of your writing?

Well, I’ve been someone who stays in jobs for a really long time, so I can’t have hated them too much. I worked at a movie theater in high school and college, and that had its moments. People do unspeakable things in movie theaters, and the only ones to clean up after them are teenagers who are being paid minimum wage. The urine-filled beer cans were always favorites. Thank god the floors were always sticky with spilled soda, or more of those would have fallen and rolled to the front of the theater.

I haven’t written about a theater worker yet, but you never know. Perhaps there will be a shapeshifter there or an evil vampire luring youth into the projection booth for late-night feedings.



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